Acquisition advice

Home buyers in Curacao often ask:

  • How and with whom do I start the process?
  • What properties are available?
  • Is the sale price fair?
  • Can I get a mortgage in Curacao for my dream home?
  • Which lenders provide the best lending options?

In searching for your new home or property, we will provide you with personalized, objective information, so you can make your selections easily and efficiently. 

We will gladly collaborate on your behalf with any realtor or developer in Curacao, while remaining independent, objective and focused on your interests. Rest assured that we will help you every step of the way to meet your real estate needs!

Would you like us to guide you through the process of applying for a mortgage? Please visit Curaçao Financial Advisory Services for more information: Of course, this expert service is available to you, regardless of whether we found your property for you or not.

You found your dream home. What’s the next step?

Our service does not end with simply helping you find your new home. Once your home loan has been approved, we will guide you through the home buying process until your closing.

We offer a service-oriented and trusted approach to buying a new home, where our clients’ needs are our main concern!

We can also help you find land for development, home rentals, office space or commercial property or other attractive investment opportunities.

What can we help you with?

Don’t hesitate and call us today, so we can assist you.