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Curacao Brokerage is the local representative in Curacao for Global Solar Investments.

GSI invests in solar energy installation for commercial businesses, office buildings, non-profit organizations and healthcare institutions and sells the generated electricity at a fair market value per kWh. GSI offers “turn-key” solar energy solutions and installations. Both the installations and the purchase of the electricity are available at attractive market prices, because we cut out the middleman.

GSI has partnered with local, experienced providers to handle the installations, while remaining heavily involved and responsible for the entire project.

Through their own, long-term investments with several local clients in Curacao, you can rest assured that GSI will lend you the same optimal long-term service and guarantees. It goes without saying that GSI meets all top quality requirements for solar energy systems. 


Global Solar Investments is specialized in realization and investment opportunities in PV [photo-voltaic] Solar Power projects in the Caribbean, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Global Solar Investments identifies attractive projects, carefully screens the creditworthiness of our clients, sources the Solar Panels and all other necessary materials, ships, installs and provides maintenance for smaller [starting from 0.1 MW] and larger [up till 40 MW] Photo Voltaic [PV] installations. On Grid and Off Grid. Roof Mounted or Ground Mounted.

We are a reliable and experienced company, with a proven track record in the regions we operate. We believe and have seen that dedicated and skilled management of the projects; transparency and reliable partnerships are often scarcely available. Global Solar Investments has a longstanding relation with all its partners and know its management for a long period.

Having the whole process, from shipment to maintenance, in one hand [only] we believe that we are the best possible partner for Solar PV projects. For clients who want to buy PV systems themselves, we have direct and short lines of delivery [mostly out of stock in the region] against very competitive prices and conditions.

Our headquarters are in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. Here we have our back-office and technical engineers and staff. Since Global Solar Investments is an entity under Dutch law, our registration is with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. We have subsidiary offices in Bonaire and China.


Global Solar Investments operates worldwide in the field of Solar PV. We do the realization and exploitation of our own energy projects or we provide EPC or Turn Key projects for a fast growing number of customers.

Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPA):

Projects with 100% investment by Global Solar Investments [no investment by clients or user, no bank loan], based on solid and reliable long term Solar Power Purchase Agreements.

Once we have reached a Letter of Intent, the following steps are fully and directly provided:

  • Identification: at this point we negotiate the construction of a PV project. Do the technical engineering. Look for the best possible configuration.
  • Contracting: all necessary contracts to be signed by parties involved.
  • Sourcing: contracting the best available and possible configuration.
  • Funding: providing the project plan to our investors and after tentative agreement and approval starting with negotiations with the bank [banks] in order to optimize the leverage finance options.
  • Ordering: after completion of the stages as mentioned before: ordering of all necessary equipment, materials and personnel [if needed].
  • Construction: completion of the project on location.
  • Monitoring: on-line monitoring of the system.
  • Billing: monthly billing the provided amount of kWh’s to contract partner[s].
  • Maintenance: maintain the project in the best possible conditions in order to gain as much kWh’s as possible.

EPC and or Turn Key

If clients decide to invest themselves: we will provide complete EPC and or Turn Key delivery of the installation. Through our long lasting relationship and scale, we are able to provide systems at the best possible prices and the highest quality.

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